Omenaa Foundation

Omenaa Mensah set up a foundation which focuses on activities of three pillars: education, tolerance and cooperation between Polish and Africa.

She knows how important is education and access to it so it is a priority in her activities. Currently Omenaa Foundation raises money to build a school for street children in Tema in Ghana.

As a half-African woman she understands the problem of lack of tolerance and acceptance so actively she is working in this area trying to fight the negative attitude of people and harmful stereotypes.

By establishing successive national relationships and using the most advanced technology in educational programmes, Omenaa Foundation gets with its activity to the furthest corners of the world. It will be a great support for polish businessmen and promotion of local products. There is no doubt - Poland is a good place to invest.

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Hosting events

Omenaa has extensive experience in hosting events for various audiences: commercial and business conferences, company galas and special events. There is one common thing for all those events - Omenaa always makes sure there is a great atmosphere.

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Omenaa has created her own unique training program to pass on the knowledge and practical tips to the participants. It is a great way to learn the effective methods of preparing for public appearances and self-presentation. Omenaa has invited various experts representing many disciplines in the field.

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Luxurious custom-made furniture brand which came to life from Omenaa’s love of extraordinary forms of design originating in the antique. What makes Ammadora furniture unique is the artistic charisma and original form.

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