A TV presenter linked to TVN broadcaster for the last 11 years. Poznan University of Economics graduate with major in European Studies. Currently, third-year PhD student of social-economics at SGH in Warsaw.

As a catwalk model and photo model Omenaa has worked and travelled all over the world. She ran her own business Omi Hair which specialised in exotic hair styling, braids and dreadlocks. He started her TV career at TVN 7 after which she was invited to take part in the weather presentation casting, which turned out to be a great success. Omenaa created and presented several thematically different TV shows on TVN 7, TVN and TVN STYLE:

  • travel shows (‘Meteo Trips’, ‘South Tyrol’),
  • sports shows (‘Weather for a spin’, ‘Weather on a ship’, ‘Ski School’, ‘Weather for skiing’)
  • cooking shows (‘24h Kitchen’ with her daughter Vanessa)
  • lifestyle shows (‘Project Beach’, ‘Professionals’ – her own creation),

She is currently leading a program “Domy gwiazd” on canal Domo+.

Omenaa took part in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ show finishing 6th. She also wrote a book with cooking recipes for children ‘Zapiekanka, układanka, ciasteczko z bajeczką’ and guide handbook of self-presentation „Twoje 3i. Intuicja, Indywidualność, Inteligencja czyli kobiece sztuczki nie tylko w biznesie”.

Omenaa hosts events such as conferences and galas for large audiences, as well as special events such as football match ‘Politicians vs. TVN Stars’ organised by TVN charity ‘Nie jesteś sam’ (‘You are not alobne’). She takes active part in the foundation’s doings regularly. Omenaa is passionate about travelling, art of cooking, photography and antiques. For the last 1.5 years she has been developing her own furniture brand Ammadora, designing and producing luxurious items of an exceptionally artistic character.

Was awarded the title of „Ambasadorka Przedsiębiorczości” during the Gala "Przedsiębiorczość i innowacje 2014".

Omenaa cannot imagine her life without doing sports. As a teenager, she trained basketball and nowadays she goes to the gym, jogs, cycles, goes skiing and jet skiing. Her brand mark is her radiant smile – she loves smiling and when she goes to the theatre, she chooses comedy.

Hosting events

Omenaa has extensive experience in hosting events for various audiences: commercial and business conferences, company galas and special events. There is one common thing for all those events - Omenaa always makes sure there is a great atmosphere.

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Omenaa has created her own unique training program to pass on the knowledge and practical tips to the participants. It is a great way to learn the effective methods of preparing for public appearances and self-presentation. Omenaa has invited various experts representing many disciplines in the field.

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Luxurious custom-made furniture brand which came to life from Omenaa’s love of extraordinary forms of design originating in the antique. What makes Ammadora furniture unique is the artistic charisma and original form.

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