Omenaa Mensah’s book: 'Your 3i'

Do you often dream about being a woman of success? Do you want to achieve independence, internal harmony or simply happiness? Do you have any own ideas, but no money for their realization? Here comes the right moment to have the use of my book.

I was born and grew up in country for the blondes. I have never been a kind of princess who gets everything done, just given on a plate. I had a loads of dreams, but many complexes as well. I cried many days and nights waiting for my prince. Then I started working hard and these days any prince does not have to convince me how much I’m worth. I succeeded in working on my own. For sure, I made a lot of mistakes, but I also drew a conclusion. If you read my book, you will get a real chance to avoid many obstacles which I had to overcome.

Now, you’re holding my book in your hands which can show you how to join the best sides of woman’s personality into one integrated 3i system. What else you can find there? Well-described exercises, pieces of practical advice and examples based on my own life, which I hope, just motivate you to succeed. You will find out how to prepare or get dressed for any business meeting, what you should order at the restaurant and how precisely read the body language of each man you will be working with! You will see, the world will belong to us!

Omenaa Mensah

The date of the premiere: 21.05.2014


You are kindly welcomed to my author meeting where I will tell you about my newly published book titled 'Your 3i'.

The meetings take place in:

  • Cracow, 6th June (Friday), 6:00 pm at Empik in Bonarka City Centre (Kamieńskiego Street 11)
  • Katowice, 7th June (Saturday), 4:00 pm at Empik in CH Silesia (Chorzowska Street 107)
  • Wrocław, 8th June (Sunday), 6:00 pm at Empik in CH Renoma (Świdnicka Street 40)
  • Warsaw, 12th June (Thursday), 6:00 pm at Empik Junior (Marszałkowska Street 104/122)

You’re all invited,
Omenaa Mensah


Hosting events

Omenaa has extensive experience in hosting events for various audiences: commercial and business conferences, company galas and special events. There is one common thing for all those events - Omenaa always makes sure there is a great atmosphere.

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Omenaa has created her own unique training program to pass on the knowledge and practical tips to the participants. It is a great way to learn the effective methods of preparing for public appearances and self-presentation. Omenaa has invited various experts representing many disciplines in the field.

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Luxurious custom-made furniture brand which came to life from Omenaa’s love of extraordinary forms of design originating in the antique. What makes Ammadora furniture unique is the artistic charisma and original form.

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