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Omenaa Mensah has been associated with the TVN group for 14 years.

She started her TV career on TVN 7. Then she became a weather forecaster, which she still hosts on TVN, TVN24 and TTV channels.

She co-created from the editorial side and led many TV programs on various topics on TVN 7, TVN and TVN Style:

  • travel programs ("Meteo Travels", "South Tyrol"),
  • sport programs ("Bicycle weather", "Sailing weather", "Ski school", "Ski weather")
  • culinary programs ("Kitchen open 24 hours" - along with her daughter, Vanessa),
  • lifestyle programs ("Beach Project", proprietary program "Professionals").

Currently, she co-creates, produces and leads program "Houses of the Stars" on the Domo+ channel, with which she has visited over 50 houses of Polish stars.

She also appeared in "Dancing with the stars", taking the sixth place and in the "Little Giants", where she took care of the "Pogodni" group, with whom she won the program.


Omenaa Mensah conducts events for a large audience - from conferences, through ceremonial galas, to special events like the big match "Politicians versus TVN stars", organized by the TVN Foundation "Nie jesteś sam".  Her characteristic style of presenting events can be described by the words: lightness, grace and naturalness. She instantly makes contact with the audience, making sure everyone plays great.

If you are interested in running the event through Omena, we encourage you to contact us.


Dark chocolate

"Dark chocolate"   is Omena Mensah's autobiographical book. It tells about the life of a dark-skinned woman in Poland. It is also a diagnosis of the Polish society, which still has problems with accepting dissimilarity, not only racial.

Your 3i. Intuition, individuality, intelligence, or feminine tricks not only in business

Your 3i. Intuition, individuality, intelligence, or feminine tricks not only in business   - a guide that will help every woman connect the best aspects of a woman's personality into one integrated 3i system. The book contains tips on how to achieve success through good self-presentation.

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