Business Activity

Omenaa Mensah has been successfully developing various spheres of business for several years. She is a shareholder of several companies and an initiator of the designer brand AMMADORA. You can read about all these activities in this tab.  



Omenaa Mensah is a consummate business woman with a hint of artistic soul. She loves interiors with the atmosphere and always attached great importance to the design. She was looking for furniture for her home for a long time. When she did not find them, she decided that she would produce them herself. So in 2012, was born the brand AMMADORA, which today creates original custom furniture. Furniture are unusual, inspired by art, subtly combining modern technologies with antiques, sculpture or painting. Each piece of furniture is an unique piece of art that adds character to the interior and reflects the refined taste of its owner.

At AMMADORA, Omenaa Mensah does not design furniture. She is rather a visionary, creator of ideas and manager of the process of furniture creation. She leaves the design to specialists. At the beginning she cooperated with the sculptor Dorota Banasik and the painter Dorota Golińska. As the company developed, she gradually expanded cooperation also to other designers, architects and artists.

Osada Borkowo


Omenaa Mensah is a shareholder in the energy-efficient housing estate OSADA BORKOWO in Borkowo, ul. Strumykowa. The project of the estate was developed by KWADRAT office, led by Jacek Droszcz, architect and long-time lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdańsk University of Technology. His greatest success is the victory in the international architectural competition for the design of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk.

The buildings will be constructed in a modern technology with an energy-saving standard with a demand for energy for heating EUco lower than 70 kWh / m² per year. From the foundations to the roof, they will be insulated by comprehensive Termo Organika system.

"Osada Borkowo" is a place with good energy to live. During the construction works, were found traces of the settlement from the early Iron Age (lasting from about the middle of the 8th century to about the middle of the 5th century BC). The most important find is the remnant of a residential object (sizable dugout) with well-preserved remains of the walls of the building and numerous fragments of ceramic vessels and objects made of   iron and amber. This settlement was most likely inhabited by representatives of the so-called Pomeranian culture, functioning inter alia in Pomerania from the early Iron Age to the end of the early pre - Roman period (from around 600 to 200 BC).This discovery shows how long the tradition of this place is - as a housing estate with convenient qualities for a peaceful life, reaching at least 2,500 years ago.

The first residents will be able to enter in the second half of 2018. Some of the incomes from this investment will be used by Omenaa Mensah to build a school for street children in Ghana.

Madam 31


MADAM 31 is a boutique hotel that will be built in the Tri-City in two years and will be implemented jointly with the investor as part of the innovative concept of AMMADORA FOR HOTELS. The hotel will be created on the basis of a renovated tenement house, which according to the project, will receive a new interior with an innovative character. The undertaking assumes that the hotel will be equipped with furniture under the patronage of the brand AMMADORA, whose task will be to create unique atmosphere of this object. Ultimately, MADAM31 will be not only a luxury hotel, but also a cultural mecca with a mobile design, art and fashion gallery, where customers will be able to buy individual elements of the exhibition.

James Button



JAMES BUTTON is a young start-up dealing in the production and sale of business shirts, in which Omenaa and the foundation Omenaa Foundation have shares. It is a synonym of materials of excellent quality and a tailoring workshop, based on precise size matching the width of the collar and the length of the shirt sleeves to the customer's silhouette. Thanks to this, JAMES BUTTON shirts are compared with those made to measure. The brand's collection includes classic business-type models, both men's and women's, as well as ultra-fashion models. The company carries out a permanent charity campaign "Every shirt helps", under which 5% of each sold shirt is intended for a street children's school in Ghana.

W ramach James Button wspólnie z zespołem uruchomiliśmy również markę premium Occhiello.

Occhiello to marka promująca klasyczną włoską elegancję.

Specjalizuje się ona w szyciu na miarę, co gwarantuje idealne dopasowanie do sylwetki, a także stwarza możliwość pełnej personalizacji.

Ammadora & Heban


AMMADORA & HEBAN is an ultra-luxurious furniture brand resulting from cooperation of the HEBAN Gallery specializing in the sale of exceptional furniture and the experience of Omena Mensah in the production of top-shelf furniture. This is one of the most exclusive furniture currently available on the market of luxury goods in Poland. The furniture are produced in Italy and Poland. Most of the collection is made in a small Tuscan manufactory that has been specializing in the production of handmade furniture for three generations. Furniture tops are being prepared in Poland. They are produced with an innovative material called Lavastone, whose composition has been developed specifically for the A & H. This is a combination of concrete, resins and pigments. The material meets stringent requirements in terms of impact durability, as well as chemical resistance, which guarantees indestructibility of the tops and always a perfect appearance. In the most expensive version, it has silver or gold flakes embedded in it. The first collection of the brand is called ETERNITY.