AMMA OMENAA MENSAH entrepreneur, owner of the furniture brand AMMADORA , co-investor of the energy-saving housing estate OSADA BORKOWO founder and president of the foundation OMENAA FOUNDATION.

She is known to the wide audience as a journalist and TV presenter on TVN, TVN24, TVN24BIS and TTV. For several years, she has also been cooperating with the DOMO+ television, where she co-creates and hosts the program "Houses of the Stars".

She is also an expert in the field of self-presentation and the author of books "Your 3i. Intuition, individuality, intelligence, or feminine tricks not only in business" and "Dark chocolate".

Omenaa Mensah is a multitasking woman who , like no other, perfectly combines business with charity. She is the founder and President of the Omenaa Foundation, as part of which she is building a school for street children in Ghana, where her father comes from. Her willingness to help African children, who live on the street, motivates her to initiate and implement business projects to get funds for the construction of the school.