Omena Mensah’s furniture in an Italian villa

Omenaa Mensah quite recently launched her youngest business project which is AMMADORA & HEBAN furniture, and she can already boast of the first realizations. The furniture of her brand appealed to the owners of a luxury villa on Lake Garda in Italy.

AMMADORA & HEBAN (A&H) is a brand of exclusive furniture, resulting from cooperation of the HEBAN Gallery specializing in the sale of exceptional furniture and the experience of Omena Mensah in the production of top-shelf furniture. This is one of the most exclusive furniture currently available on the market of luxury goods in Poland.

The furniture are produced in Italy and Poland. Most of the collection is made in a small Tuscan manufactory that has been specializing in the production of handmade furniture for three generations. Furniture tops are being prepared in Poland. They are produced with an innovative material called Lavastone, whose composition has been developed specifically for the A & H. This is a combination of concrete, resins and pigments. The material meets stringent requirements in terms of impact durability, as well as chemical resistance, which guarantees indestructibility of the tops and always a perfect appearance. In the most expensive version, it has silver or gold flakes embedded in it.

The first ETERNITY collection of A&H offers: leisure furniture, two models of armchairs, a table, chairs, commode and a coffee table, as well as accessories such as pillows. Each element can be purchased in several color options. Furniture prices are negotiated depending on the components selected by customers. They start from 100,000 PLN for a set: a table, six chairs and a chest, and the rest furniture costs from 45,000 PLN. Although there are few clients who can afford such luxury, Omenaa and Heban do not complain about the lack of customers. One of the first contractors is the owner of a villa in Italy, who decided on A & H furniture in a bright color. The interior design was prepared by designers Katarzyna Weremczuk from Top Architects and Czawdar Todorow from Fi Architekci.

In Mikołajki, the brand AMMADORA & HEBAN presented their products to architects at the Forum of Good Design, which was held at the Jabłkowscy Brothers’ Department Store.

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